Hi Beautiful human,      

I am Hannah. Qualified NLP/mindset Coach, Logotherapy psychotherapy practitioner, Kundalini yoga and meditation teacher, health coach and Reiki practitioner.

I support my clients to to reach from their present self to their highest potential self, taking them on a journey to discover their unique purpose and express their wild truth with the world. 

Stop waiting for the perfect time and give yourself permission to forge forward as the most authentic, unleashed version of YOU!        

How can you work with me?

There are a number of ways we can work together. I run private and group retreat experiences in Byron Bay (Australia), Bali (Indonesia) and Mallorca (Balearics Spain) three of the most energetically powerful places on the planet, I also work with clients 1-1 online and in person. I create change an momentum through my carefully curated and proven programs. I have a no excuses approach to my clients and it is strictly for people who are ready for change and shifts in their life. Read more below for how we can work together.

AWAKE 1-1 Immersion Coaching program

Retreats- Byron Bay, Mallorca, Turkey and Bali.

Journal to Master your mindset 8 week course


AWAKE 1-1 Coaching Immersion program.

 My goal is not to give you equilibrium or balance, but to connect you to REALLY feeling and living life. To connect you to what you truly desire so you can live a life filled with pleasure, purpose and meaning.”

So often we are so caught up in what we think we ‘should’ be doing or what is socially acceptable, that we forget to tap into, explore, uncover and dive into what we truly desire.

We are so disconnected from our bodies and inner wisdom and we never hear its cries for something else. We are so suppressed that we have forgotten how to express and to feel!

I work with clients at my retreats, events and 1-1 coaching to reach from their present self to their greatest potential self.

To get out of their minds and into their bodies and to uncover, discover and express what is holding them back on a physiological and a mental level, which opens space allow space for this pleasure, purpose and power that exists in each and every one of us!

I work with my clients on topics such as patterns of behaviour and pain that we pick up in our childhood and through trauma in our life and shifting it through identification, expression practices, soul work, intuition and channelled guidance to then allow us space to create empowering new ones.

I will show you that you are unique and irreplaceably significant, and that you deserve to live a life filled with purpose and pleasure.


Are you ready to embark on a journey from where you are to where you want to be? To let go of limiting behaviours, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you and to manifest your future with clarity and purpose? To be the most authentic version of you. To express yourself fully, to connect to and allow yourself to experience pleasure fully, to give less fucks, and to fall in love with life a life again? And to do it surrounded by YOUR TRIBE? Oh and lets not forget have a bloody good time! Falling madly deeply in love with life and yourself again? Then an AWAKE retreat is for you!

Journal to Master your mindset 8 week course

When you do this course you will-

-Connect to your intuition, your answers and your truth.

-No longer be a slave to doubt and fear but to be the hero in your story book of life.

-You will have a tool kit to take with you anywhere in the world for the rest of your life that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

-You will learn how to heal your past. 

-You will learn life changing visualisation techniques and how to manifest your future.

-You will deeply connect to your purpose and how to live with meaning in your life.

-Get crystal clear on your goals and your vision.

-Create massive awarenes around your thoughts and your words to create change in your life.

Testimonials- How would you describe the AWAKE retreat?

“This retreat is an overall reset for all areas of life. Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. A week of breaking down walls and opening up to our true potential and releasing what has been holding you back! Incredible experience!” Cheryl- UK 

“I felt that the whole week was planned so well and all the right timings. I was open to all the self reviewing and reflecting but was surprised at how perfect it was with the amount of highs.” 

Lianne- New york USA


“Literally every single thing was done so well.” Lauren – Michigan USA

“This retreat is an overall reset for all areas of life. Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. A week of breaking down walls and opening up to our true potential and releasing what has been holding you back! Incredible experience!” Rachel – Oxford UK

“Freedom to discover the real You with authenticity” Ana – Palma Mallorca

“Empowering, open, and kind place where I started to find who I truly and love myself for being me.” Adrianna- San Diego USA

Testimonials-What were the three most transformational things you took away from the AWAKE experience?

“Friendships formed and strong bonds. That it is ok to put my mental health first and ensure I put myself in situations to stop and review where my life is going. And that it’s ok to say I need some help. Yoga and meditation- and how I feel this really helps me- the meditation especially to slow down my very fast thinking mind.” Cheryl – Birmingham UK

“Workshops, letting go of preconceived expectation, and just being open!” Lauren- Michigan USA

“To love myself more, to judge less and there is something very beautiful about taking the time to reflect” Adrianna – San Diago USA

“I am enough/ I am a beautiful soul/ I’m stronger than I think” Ana – Palma Mallorca

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