Are you ready to embark on a journey from where you are to where you want to be? To let go of limiting behaviours, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving you and to manifest your future with clarity and purpose? To be the most authentic version of you. To express yourself fully, to connect to and allow yourself to experience pleasure fully, to give less fucks, and to fall in love with life a life again? And to do it surrounded by YOUR TRIBE? Oh and lets not forget have a bloody good time! Falling madly deeply in love with life and yourself again? Then an AWAKE retreat is for you!

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Where are the AWAKE retreats?

AWAKE RETREATS currently run in Europe, Australia and Bali. Each AWAKE retreat location has a different flavour, different activities and experiences, each one is carefully curated to give a powerful, transformative outcome. Read below to find out more.

Byron Bay- Dates to be announced, join the waitlist and apply below.

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Sydney- Dates to be announced, join the waitlist and apply below.

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Mallorca and Turkey- Postponed to 2022 join waiting list below.

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 Byron Bay- Dates to be announced. 

The retreat that awakens your spirit, your inner wild and leaves you ready to unleash into the world. Expect to arrive at the most incredible luxury space just meters from the beach, roll out of bed and land on the magic, majestic beach, there will be hiking, the ocean, tantra, exploration of self, your sensuality, breathwork, mediation, great food, wine, connection to our light and dark, to our feminine and masculine, to more of our primal selves. This is not an ordinary experience, it bridges the gap between masculine and feminine and awakens a part of you that has been shut off for too long.


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Turkey – Postponed to 2022

Join Hannah Cates for a weekend to Reignite your light! Hannah has joined forces with the incredible Six senses hotels and resorts to bring you a weekend like nothing you have experienced before. Immerse yourself in the first class wellness facilities, experience the beauty of Turkey with peripheral vision views out over the turquoise Aegean sea, be taken on a journey from where you are to where you want to be, with deep dive workshops, Kundalini yoga and meditation to awaken the dormant creative potential that you hold within, be taught powerful, life changing journalling practices by an expert in the field, experience spa treatments, unbelievable organic food and connect with other amazing individuals who will facilitate the journey for you. 

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Mallorca- postponed to 2022

The retreat that awakens your senses. Expect to explore your tastes, your inner child, your pleasure senses, your exploration of self. Expect wine tasting, food tasting, boat trips, hiking, yoga, workshops, expressions sessions, a whole lot of deep divining into what is holding us back and most importantly a lot of fun! This is one magical island with a whole lot to offer, embark on a journey you won’t forget and let Hannah show you this island that she spent most of her childhood with her family in a way you will never forget! 


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Testimonials- How would you describe the AWAKE retreat?

“This retreat is an overall reset for all areas of life. Mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. A week of breaking down walls and opening up to our true potential and releasing what has been holding you back! Incredible experience!” Cheryl- UK 

“I felt that the whole week was planned so well and all the right timings. I was open to all the self reviewing and reflecting but was surprised at how perfect it was with the amount of highs.” 

Lianne- New york USA


“Literally every single thing was done so well.” Lauren – Michigan USA

“An inspiring, unintimidating, transformative experience shared with like minded and supportive women.” Lyndsey UK

  “It was life changing. It was the nudge I needed to connecting with myself. The accommodation was tranquil yet homely. The food was so delicious that I’ve made changes to a meat free diet since returning home. The most profound experience for me was the unknown. I loved not controlling what was coming. Trusting Hannah, and knowing the activities would be a magical experience that allowed me to connect to myself and the other beautiful girls. I have not only come away with the tools I needed for the changes I yearned for, I’ve come away with life long friends and that is priceless” Karla -Blue Mountains

“Freedom to discover the real you authentically” Ana – Palma Mallorca

“Empowering, open, and kind place where I started to find who I truly and love myself for being me.” Adrianna- San Diego USA

“An opportunity to dive into your mind, soul and past in order to find meaning, clarity and contentment.” – Sara Sydney

Testimonials-What were the three most transformational things you took away from the AWAKE experience?

“Friendships formed and strong bonds. That it is ok to put my mental health first and ensure I put myself in situations to stop and review where my life is going. And that it’s ok to say I need some help. Yoga and meditation- and how I feel this really helps me- the meditation especially to slow down my very fast thinking mind.” Cheryl – Birmingham UK

“I feel more on track to be able to follow my compass. I took it for granted when I did it when I was younger and never gave myself credit for doing it. Now I know I can continue to go on my journey and not be compelled to do the ‘normal’ things that might be expected of a woman my age. I do now feel a little bit of pressure as time goes on that I dont know exactly where my compass wants to go, or if I have the energy/bravery that I used to – but I trust the universe to show me and to know when to follow those breadcrumbs!” Lyndsey UK

 “The ability to free myself through journalling, the concept of connecting negative patterns of behaviour to past experiences, the power of extraction and contraction.” Sara Sydney

“Workshops, letting go of preconceived expectation, and just being open!” Lauren- Michigan USA

“To love myself more, to judge less and there is something very beautiful about taking the time to reflect” Adrianna – San Diago USA

“I am enough/ I am a beautiful soul/ I’m stronger than I think” Ana – Palma Mallorca

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